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There are more reasons why you should than why you shouldn’t. Hiring a guide is one of the best ways to learn more about Greece and Athens. Guides have seen, tried and heard it all. They are patient professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others.

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They share not just information – but understanding. You may be standing in front of a pile of rocks – but its meaning depends on appreciating its significance – which has a lot to do with knowing the geographical and historical context. Let your tour guide enlighten you to the broader significance of the place you are visiting. Let your Tour Guide take you beyond the mere facts and data – let him give you the insights, and make the connections.

A good guide is an actor, and a narrator in a play. Just like you will watch the film, even though you read the book – so too you will want to be entertained, enthralled and inspired by a good performance.

Tour guides in Greece have to go through a 3 year University-level school to get a license to guide. Many are university graduates also. They all have to pass very strict exams during which they are tested on their knowledge of the entire Greek history, archaeology, geography, natural history and more. Moreover they have to prove their proficiency in both Greek and at least one other language, the one they will be licensed to guide in.

Finding a good guide can be a challenge, since many don’t have their own website or any way to market themselves. You can find your guides through recommendations in guide books, making inquiries on destination-specific online message boards, and by asking at tourist information centers once you are at the destination. Talking to other travelers and guides while on your trip is also a great way to get good recommendations.

Many people think that hiring a guide is too expensive or just not needed. Both assumptions aren’t true. Even the most experienced traveler can pick up a thing or two from a good guide. There is an infinite amount of travel variables that a guide has wisdom about: logistics, timings, insights that were never mentioned in travel books or on the internet tips, extra info and on and on.

For your next travel to Greece and Athens you can hire one professional and licensed guide that we personally recommend

    Nikos Panagiotou

  • tel.: +30 6977825039
  • email: nikos.gpanagiotou at gmail.com
  • Irene Lemonari

  • tel.: +30 6974667719
  • email: lemonarie at gmail.com
  • Aristotle Koskinas

  • tel.: +30 6977065160
  • email: arkoskinas at ymail.com

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