The hour of Greece

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On the occasion of this year’s celebration of Ohi Day, Hellenic American University, Ηellenic American College and the Greek America Foundation, in collaboration with the General State Archives οf Greece, are pleased to present the exhibition “The Hour of Greece“. The exhibition is held under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece.

the hour of Greece -

Drawing largely on rare archival material from the private collection of Gregory Pappas, a member of the Greek Diaspora, including newspapers, cartoons and photographs, all of which on display for the first time in Greece.

the hour of Greece -

A symbol of national resistance, Ohi Day commemorates the rejection on October 28, 1940 of Mussolini’s ultimatum for surrender by Greek people. In the face of the Italian invasion that followed and despite being vastly outnumbered, Greece not only defended itself but counterattacked and defeated the enemy forces.

The event united the Greek people and evoked respect among the Allies for Greeks everywhere. The story of the small neutral country’s victory over the much larger invading forces made a deep impression on American public opinion.

Frank Sinatra in 1943. The young singer’s first-ever concert at Madison Square Garden was a fundraiser for Greek War Relief.
Frank Sinatra in 1943. The young singer’s first-ever concert at Madison Square Garden was a fundraiser for Greek War Relief.

“The Hour of Greece” seeks to show the impact of the Greek victory in the United States in the early years of World War II. At the same time, the exhibition highlights the important contribution that Americans made to healing post-war hardships in Greece.

Material from the Pappas Collection has been enriched with documentary material from the General State Archives of Greece to better illustrate the relations of the peoples of Greece and United States at that time.

Curator: Louisa Karapidaki
Scientific advisor: Yannis N. Glavinas

The Hour of Greece – Kennedy & Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas Galleries

Exhibition duration: 24/10 – 20/12/2019
22 Massalias str.,
116 35, Athens, Greece
Admission is free

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October 28, "Anniversary of the No" - political cartoon -

Alors, c’est la guerre! October 28, «Anniversary of the No»

October 28, «Anniversary of the No», celebrated every year in Greece, commemorates the rejection by Greek prime minister of the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on 28 October 1940, the Hellenic counterattack against the invading Italian forces at the mountains of Pindus during the Greco-Italian War, and the Greek Resistance during the Axis occupation.

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