«The countless aspects of Beauty» an exhibition of the NAMA

«The countless aspects of Beauty» at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens - hotelathensgreece.com

«The countless aspects of Beauty» – until December 31, 2019
at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens

The new temporary exhibition of the National Archaeological Museum «The countless aspects of Beauty» brings out the different versions of aesthetics within variegated social and cultural contexts from the Neolithic period up to late Antiquity, making the best of the exceptionally wide chronological spectrum covered by the collections of the National Archaeological Museum.

Three hundred and forty antiquities from its rich collections, in combination with contemporary digital applications, offer an aesthetic feast and promise a journey through time full of aesthetic gratifications.

The temporary exhibition «The countless aspects of Beauty» forms the last part of the exhibition trilogy that was designed to honour the 150th anniversary of the National Archaeological Museum, since the foundation of its emblematic building.

The trilogy was inaugurated in 2015 with the opening of the exhibition «A dream among splendid ruins. Strolling through the Athens of Travelers, 17th-19th century», that, among other things, shed abundant light on the cultural environment from which arose the need for the founding of the National Museum.

«Odysseys», an exhibition that captured in an abstract and symbolic manner the effort of humans for creation and evolution was next.

«The concept of the Beautiful», which is the focal point of the third in a row exhibition, comes as an ideal epilogue to the trilogy, since the cultivation of love for the arts was essential among the founding purposes of the National Archaeological Museum (RD 31.7.1893).

Focusing on the most intellectual and highest moment of human creation, the exhibition encourages aesthetic contemplation, inviting at the same time the visitors to explore the spiritual basis of aesthetic choices.

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