Safety instructions and precautions due to the COVID 19 pandemic

Safety instructions and necessary precautions for the visitors of Museums and Archaeological sites, due to the COVID 19 pandemic:

  • – The maximum number of visitors in the archaeological site at any given time must not exceed 200 individuals.
  • – The course of the visit may be modified and special restrictions may be imposed due to the circumstances. Visitors must always adhere to the guidelines of the guards of the site.
  • – A distance of 1,5m. minimum should be maintained by visitors at all times as a precautionary measure, especially when queuing.
  • – Non-medical protective face masks and frequent use of an antiseptic solution containing no less than 70% alcohol are strongly advised.
  • – Payment by electronic means and cards should be preferred over bank notes whenever possible.

Group visits –guided tours

  • – No more than two groups of 20 persons each may be touring the site at any given time.
  • – In case of guided tours of groups of 4 individuals or more, the tour guides should advise the participants of all the precautionary measures in effect, accompany them throughout their visit until they exit the site and observe that they follow all safety measures and precautions.
  • – Tour guides are obliged to wear a non-medical face mask during the guided tour.
  • – The use of electronic devices facilitating the guided tour (wireless microphone and ear buds) is mandatory for all members of guided groups.

Social distancing rules and preventive measures must be respected when visiting the museum:

  • – Visitors must keep a safety distance of at least 2m.
  • – Maximum number of visitors inside the museum at one time: 25
  • – Face masks are mandatory for all visitors inside the museum
  • – Frequent use of antiseptic hydroalcoholic gel containing no less than 70% alcohol is strongly recommended before entering the Museum

Organized visits –Tour guides

  • – Group visits to the Museum should not exceed 8 persons per group

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