Rent a car in Greece – you will need an International Driving License

No E.U. visitors will need International Driving License to rent car in Greece

Tourists from non-European Union countries will now only be able to rent a car or motorcycle in Greece if they present an International Driving Permit (IDP) as well as the one from their home country, according to new regulations.

The Greek Association of Car Rental Companies declared that if drivers break the law then authorities will confiscate the vehicle and impose a fine both on the driver and the rental company.

U.S. citizens can apply for an IDP through only two organizations — the American Automobile Association and National Automobile Club ( — but applicants do not have to be members in order to obtain an IDP.

The IDP can only be issued up to six months before traveling and is valid for one year as long as the driver’s regular license is also valid during that time.

See instructions for each organization’s application:

  • USA citizens can apply via the 1) AAA and 2) NAC.

  • United Kingdom citizens can apply via the AA.

  • Canadian citizens can apply via the CAA.

  • Australian citizens can apply via the NRMA.

  • Russian citizens can apply via the RAF.


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