Pontian Hellenism History and Folk Museum

The Museum occupies one floor in the building owned by the Committee of Pontian Studies, an association established in 1927 with a view to collecting, studying and publishing the cultural heritage of the Greeks of the Black Sea. The opening of this well-organised museum in 1998 marked a major step towards the achievement of this objective.

Just inside the museum’s entrance is a large map showing all the towns and locations that the objects in the permanent exhibition come from. They are exhibited in chronological order starting from the right – hand side of the entrance.

Each section includes photographs, documents and objects from the most important regions in each historical period.

A small part of the museum has been set aside for the projection of slides.

Pontian Hellenism History and Folk Museum

73, Agnoston Martiron Str.,
10682, Nea Smirni, Greece
Telephone: +30 210 9325521

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