The Philatelic and Postal Museum

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the Philatelic Museum main Hall - Philatelic and Postal Museum -

the Philatelic Museum main Hall

Greece has issued some of the most interesting stamps in the world. Here is where you can check them out as well as other stamp making memorabilia.

A post box of the Cretan Post - Philatelic and Postal Museum -

A post box of the “Cretan Post”

The Museum has been in operation since 1978. The hall on the first floor is intended for lectures, film projections and exhibitions. In the same space are also housed a library with specialized books and magazines related to the history of the postal services and of philately.

Hellebic Posts Jawa moped - Philatelic and Postal Museum -

a Jawa moped with the colors of Hellenic Posts

The other two rooms are in the basement of the building and constitute the main exhibition area. Here are displayed postboxes, safes, postal stamping machines, bags and horns used by the postmen and other articles of the Postal, Telegraph and Telephone Services.

“large Hermes head” of the Paris printings (picture from wikimedia).

Among the exhibits is the first Olympic stamp ever and a Head of Hermes, the first stamp ever issued by Greece and the rarest one. In addition, there is an exhibit on the design and printing of stamps.

The whole history of Greek stamps unfolds in the eyes of the visitor through sheets and proofs of stamps, paintings, but mainly mock-ups of stamps of great Greek artists, such as the engraver A. Tassos on the Minoan and Byzantine art, I. Kefallinos on the ancient Greek art and by Panagiotis Gravavlos on Heinrich Schliemann and the excavations of Troy.

Philatelic and Postal Museum

5, Stadiou Square & Fokianou Str.,
(next to Panathinaic Stadium), Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30 +30 210 75 19 042

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