Full lockdown in Greece for 3 weeks

SMS guide, what is open, travel as of Nov 7

the use of mask is mandatory in and outdoors

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Greek Prime Minister announced on Thursday November 5, 2020 a three-week nationwide lockdown due to the increase of coronavirus cases and pressure on the health care system. Greece’s top epidemiologist, Professor for Infectious Diseases, Sotiris Tsiodras, who was present at the live presser with the Prime Minister, said “we were surprised with the infections increase in the last few days.”

On Wednesday November 4, 2020, Greece hit a triple record with 2646 new coronavirus cases, 18 deaths within 24 hours and the number of intubated Covid-19 reached 179 in total thus decreasing the number of available ICU beds.

Citizens will need to notify authorities when they leave home and thus only for several essential issues. The restrictions affect, among others, travel and movement, operation of schools, suspension of operation of several sectors like retail stores. Exceptionally hairdressers and beauty salons are given a two-day extension, that is they can operate on Saturday and Sunday, before they shut down on Monday, Nov 9.

Leave Home per SMS, printed form or handwritten note

SMS are to be sent to 13033 (no charge). A confirm sms comes back. Also printed and handwritten notes must carry the specific Option number as listed below:

For SMS, the scheme is: x [space] NAME/SURNAME ADDRESS. x is the option number

  • 1. For health reasons (going to a pharmacy, visiting a doctor or going to a hospital or health center, if this is recommended after relevant communication).
  • 2. For purchase of essential supplies, where delivery not possible.
  • 3. Going to a public services, if the electronic or telephone service is not possible only for urgent needs, after setting an appointment for which the citizen is informed in writing or electronically and under the additional condition of showing the above information. Go to the bank, to the extent that electronic transaction is not possible.
  • 4. Provide assistance to people in need. Transfer to/from the place of work of a spouse or first degree relative, if necessary. Transfer of a minor to/from school.
  • 5. Attend a ceremony (eg funeral) under the conditions provided by law or going to divorced parents or separated parents to ensure necessary communication between parents and children, in accordance with the provisions in force.
  • 6. Physical exercise outdoors or walking with a pet, individually or in pairs of two (2) persons, provided that in the latter case the necessary distance of one and a half (1.5) meters is observed. Transition for feeding stray animals, if the transition takes place within the municipality of residence of the citizen.

Printed Form as well as forms for students, parents, employees, workers etc are to find in forma.gov.gr

What stores will be open

Essential stores such a supermarkets, food stores (bakeries, butchers etc) pet shops, kiosks (24 hours), fuel stations,dry cleaning, optics and stores for hearing devices.

  • Retail shops per e-shop sale.
  • Allowed are all activities of the primary and secondary section.
  • Health services and veterinarian clinics
  • Restaurants, cafes and bars are closed but Delivery and Take Away are allowed
  • Open Farmers’ markets (Laiki)

Not allowed to operate are among others:
cinemas, theaters, archaeological sites, playgrounds, amusement and theme parks.


– Travel between regional units is forbidden except for these reasons: health, once travel to reach permanent residence, essential work (refers to seasonal workers).

– As of Monday, Nov 9, all travelers from abroad will have to show a negative COVID-19 test. It refers to travel via air (Test 48 hours prior to arrival) or land (72 hours.)

– As of Nov 9, travelers who leave Greece will have to fill up a Passenger Location Form.

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