Epigraphical Museum of Athens

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Epigraphical Museum of Athens

The Epigraphical Museum of Athens

The Epigraphical Museum (Greek: Επιγραφικόν μουσείον) of Athens, Greece, is unique in Greece and the largest of its kind in the world. Its collection comprises 14,078, mostly Greek, inscriptions, which cover the period from early historical times to the Late Roman period, primarily in Greece. Few examples date back to the Byzantine and Modern era. The museum It is situated in the south wing of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

It comprises an internal and external courtyard (atrium), a lobby, eleven rooms, a large hypostyle Pi-shaped corridor, a gallery, offices, a laboratory for the conservation of inscribed stone monuments and lavatories. Only the courtyards, lobby and four rooms are open to the public, while the rest is reserved for researchers. A full photographic archive of the collection is being assembled for future visitors.

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Most of the inscriptions (98%) are carved on stone or marble, but there are also stamped amphora handles and inscribed clay roof-tiles. They come mainly from Attica. A small number (about 40) of Latin and Hebrew funerary inscriptions of the sixteenth-seventeenth centuries come from Mystras.

Epigraphical Museum

1 Tositsa Str.,
10682, Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30 210 8232950, 8217637
Fax: +30 210 8225733
Email: [email protected]

Wednesday – Monday: 8:00-15:00.
Tuesday: closed

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