Disability Rights and Traveling Within Greece

Disability Rights and Traveling Within Greece - hotelathensgreece.com

An enormous amount of prospective travelers throughout the world need some sort of accessible accommodations during their travels due to a physical or mental disability. One news agency estimates that 127.5 million travelers could need special accommodations.

Disability Rights and Traveling Within Greece - hotelathensgreece.com

In Greece, travelers with disabilities may face challenges. As an ancient country with buildings and venues that are hundreds of years old and which were designed in a far different time, retrofitting to provide accessibility for disabled consumers is a very slow-going proposition. This doesn’t mean that Greece isn’t welcoming of travelers with disabilities but rather that the ability to provide adequate services remains limited at this time.

The landscape of Greece is not friendly for disabled or people with kinetic problems. The country is hilly and mountainous, even the islands.The city of Athens itself is definitely challenging – it’s hilly. But the taxis are relatively cheap and are everywhere! The Athens metro is accessible too and wheelchair-friendly.

Architecture of the Greek towns is not wheelchair-friendly either. Sidewalks are narrow and it is not easy to host wheelchairs or even baby strollers, especially in large towns like Athens. Restaurants are pretty much all up steps which is definitely a pain. On the plus side the vast majority of tourist attractions to be very much accessible. Even the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum!

Many hotels in Greece are redesigning their spaces so that they are accessible by wheelchair. Amazingly there are also few hotels around the country that have been specially designed from the beginning for accessible holidays in Greece. New rules were set that demands from newly-established businesses, (hotels, restaurants), to have facilities for wheelchairs.

Disability Rights and Traveling Within Greece - hotelathensgreece.com

Athens International Airport since 2008 provides the on ground assistance services for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility free of charge.

The key to travelling with any kind of disability is lots of research before booking. For wheelchair users, travel requires, first and foremost, good planning: make use of eb-based tools and platforms and draw on the experience of specialized tour operators and travel agents.

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