COVID 19 – Partial lockdown in Greece

COVID 19 - Partial lockdown in Greece

A package of measures to contain the rapid speed of the coronavirus in the country was announced on Saturday. The so-called “action plan” places several regional units into partial lockdown that will go into force at 06:00 a.m. Tuesday, 3. November 2020 and will be valid for one month.

More restrictions, such as the use of mask in- and outdoors, are imposed also to regional units with less risk. Among others, the four Tier system of regions at risk is reduced to 2. In his televised message to the nation, the Greek Prime Minister spoke of an “aggressive increase of infections” threatening to “shake the national health system.” “It is the time for political decisions to avoid the worst,” he said and stressed that Greece is among the countries in Europe with the less infections.

The reduced 4-Tier zones

Tier 1 is now all regional units with relatively few infections and that were marked as “green” and “yellow”. Tier 2 are regional units marked until now as “orange” and “red” and that is the whole of northern Greece and Attica.

The Prime Minister said that additional measures are imposed also in Tier 1 regional units.

greece covid zones map

The New Measures

Tier 1

  • Mandatory use of mask in- and outdoors
  • Curfew 12:00 midnight until 05:00 a.m.
  • 50% teleworking in private and public sector
  • Full tele-education at universities
  • No gatherings

Tier 2

Partiel Lockdown with Restrictions as in Tier 1 plus:

  • Suspension of catering and dining out, closed restaurants, cafes, bars etc. Exception: only take away and delivery
  • Suspension of operations of entertainment, culture and sports such as gyms, museums, cinemas, theaters, bars, cafes
  • Open remain: the retail stores, production units and schools, hotels and hairdressers. Travel from one regional unit to another is permitted.

In contrast to the spring lockdown movements outside regional units are not banned.

Note: No need for sms to leave home, not even for emergencies during the night curfew. However, workers, self-employed need to fill up a form for movement during the night curfew. The Prime Minister underlined that “a general lockdown is the ultimate step that would hurt the economy and the society, undermining the country’s next day in several sectors.

The Civil Protection is expected to give more information on the regional units under partial lockdown.

The number of coronavirus infections in the month of October (1-30) skyrocketed to 18, 749, while they were 18,475 from the outbreak in late February until September 30. An explosion of daily case was recorded in the second half of October: 508 on Oct 16 and 1,690 on Oct 30. The pressure at the health system is immense as the number of intubated Covid19 patients reached 128 on Friday.

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