Ancient Athens in 3D

The city of Athens with more than 3000 years of history has been reconstructed with the help of 3D modelling technology. “Ancient Athens” is only a part of a project featuring in 3D the city and its monuments in many different periods, from the Mycenaean period 1600 BCE to the Early Modern period 1830 AD.

The virtual trip offer several options and users have to choose one of the historical periods from the main menu. The periods were separated by taking into account the significant architectural and city planning changes and not the equivalent historical chronological ones. Each period includes a list of monuments and areas. In every monument there is a short description and other information along with their 3D reconstruction.

The project Ancient Athens 3D was created back in 2008 as a hobby in order to show the history of Athens and its monuments with the help of 3d modelling. Since then, the models are constantly being replaced by new, more detailed and accurate ones.

“Since we are talking about representation of long lost or decayed monuments, 100% accuracy is impossible to achieve, so there is a lot of speculation in many parts (although based on facts), as well as some artistic license along with certain simplifications and omissions made for technical reasons” the creators note. They add that “the accuracy and way of restoration and representation is always open to debate, since in most cases uncertainty is a fact”.

For more 3D videos of Ancient Athens please visit the author website.

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