Acropolis Museum – Covid19 Health Protection Measures

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The Acropolis Museum since June 18, date of reopening its doors, has undertaken all the necessary protective measures for its visitors’ health.

During your visit, please make sure to keep in mind the following:

  • It is a requirement that you wear a protective mask during your visit.
  • Please maintain the required distance of 2 meters from others and ensure you wash and/or disinfect your hands regularly.
  • Visitors are encouraged to use credit cards in all financial transactions in the Museum.
  • Backpacks and large bags must be left at the cloakroom where they will be disinfected using a steam appliance.
  • Group visits to the Museum should not exceed 8 persons.
  • Visitors participating in gallery talks with Museum Archaeologist-Hosts are required to wear protective masks.
  • The use of the Whisper guide system is a requirement for group guided visits.
  • Guides are required to wear protective masks.

Additionally, the following Museum services/facilities will no longer be provided to visitors until further notice:

  • Family backpacks on loan
  • Baby strollers on loan
  • Wheelchairs on loan
  • Reading Lounge on the second floor
  • Parent’s Room on the first floor

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