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The last 20 years it has been a huge improvement in the hotels and the accommodation infrastructure of Athens. Many newly build hotels have been rise around the Athens centre and the coastal suburbs. Find out what accommodations types you can book for your visit of Athens.


Upscale hotels in Athens: choosing where to lay your head at night is no easy task. These upscale spots will fill your longing for luxury, comfort and ease.

Conventional Hotels: Frequently family run hotels, offering, confort and local color. Standards in this hotels varies but in general they are an excelent value for maney, offering a great experience.

Boutique Hotels: if you are looking for that nice and cool place with a that little something extra, then Boutique hotels will provide the extra something that the big chains can’t.

Bed & Breakfast

B&Bs are generally cheaper than hotels, but not as cheap as hostels. This is a good option for couples and families. B&Bs offer more privacy than most hostels and the feel and quality tends to be “warm and cozy”.


Hostels are a very popular especially among young people. Guests might sacrifice a bit of comfort to embrace a sense of adventure. Many of these are backpacker’s go-to booking sites yet, it’s worth noting that some of the listed hostels have age caps, on the upper and lower ends. Be sure to ask before you book.

Vacation Rentals

Traveling with a big group, have specific dietary needs, or want to bring your pet? These are only a few of the many reasons travelers look to vacation rentals. Most vacation rentals come fully furnished and include all the travel essentials. Guests save on food while cooking from the comfort of your own home-away-from-home.

Camping & RV

If you enjoy sleeping under the stars, then Camping or RVing Greece might be right up your alley. Campgrounds in Athens are located within short distance of town, or public transportation routes. Many will offer cabin accommodations, complete with bedsheets – so tents are not required.

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great value for money Athens hotels -

5 great value for money Athens hotels will take you to all those hotel properties that offer great value for money. They are located in the heart of Athens high and are on hospitality, besides being extraordinarily close to all the major attractions that the city has to offer.

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