Abyssinias Square

Abyssinias Square takes its name from Emperor Haile Selassie, who during his official visit of Greece in 1924 supplied financial aid and food for Greek refugees from Asia Minor. According to some other sources, the square (formed in 1860) is named after the Ethiopians auxiliaries to the Turcs officials, who during the othoman period, used to live there. (Abyssinia is an old name for imperial Ethiopia).

Athens flea market

The Bazar of Athens in Monastiraki during the Ottoman period Drawing by Edward Dodwell (1767-1832)


Abyssinias Square in Monastiraki, is known for the permanent outdoor flea market, right next to the Demopratirion (Flea Market), as well as the famous Sunday Bazaar, which began its operation in July 1912 with a special royal decree and continues to this day.

Abyssinias Square

The Flea Market is also called Gioussouroum, from the name of a family of Sephardic Jewish traders who settled there in 1875. Today lined with antique shops, ouzo bars and even the occasional peddler selling antiques, this vibrant commercial square is a popular attraction for locals and visitors.

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